Often difficult decisions, such as filing for bankruptcy, can turn in to a goal that we will “eventually get around to.” Dealing with debt is not a task we tend to go running toward. Instead, we become comfortable with debt and go on living our lives focusing on the other issues around us or we try to ignore it, only to find ourselves stressing over it and losing sleep. However, when it comes to debt,doing nothing is a choice. Choosing to avoid the problem can be very dangerous. Eventually you
can find yourself being sued by your creditors, or worse yet they have sued you and have obtained a judgment against you and they intend to collect. Now what?

Credit card debt can be vicious. Every month that goes by ignoring debt, it will grow. The interest rates will continue to pile up, which can turn a smaller problem into a big one. Same thing with mortgage debt or your car payments, eventually it will overwhelm you. The best thing a person can do is get informed of the options available to them. Taking the first step toward financial relief is the hardest. An initial consultation with a bankruptcy attorney can help you set a plan, explore your options, and explain how you can get your life back on the debt-free track.

Not having to worry about debt collectors and having peace of mind is a valuable life quality. When it comes down to it, it is important to ask the question: What is the price I’m willing to pay to keep waiting?

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