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Are you sick of that pit in your stomach when you check your bank account information and are surprised by how much your daily expenses add up to? You probably mutter a “that can’t be” or scavenge for some fraudulent activity that certainly couldn’t have been your doing. Well unfortunately, it can be. Those cents turned to dollars and dollars to bigger dollars. But don’t fret, here are some day-to-day routine switch-ups that will seriously save your budget.

Resource from home

Ditch that coffee on the way to work and cut back on lunches out.  Those “small expenses” can add up to a big monthly number. Just think, if you were to estimate a cost of $15 for lunch and a coffee everyday, five days a week, you are looking at $300 a month! A pack of good quality coffee pods will cost you around $0.60 a drink, the savings are adding up already… so much so that you can make that a double cup! Bottling your own water is not only fantastic for the environment, but it can save you upwards of $460 a year, and that’s if you were originally buying gallons. Imagine the savings if you abandoned the water bottle 18 pack on your routine trip to the grocery store.

Utilize Public Offerings

The library is a great resource to seek out books, movies, magazines, and more. Next time you are thinking about taking that trip to  your neighborhood bookstore or movie theater, consider your local library instead. I bet it’s closer too! Libraries nowadays are full of great ebooks and other up-to-date tools just waiting for you to check out. Savings of almost $300 annually can be expected by cutting these factors out.

Embrace Bartering

Instead of spending $10 an hour next time you want a night out, ask a friend or neighbor to look after the little ones in exchange for your own childcare skills in the future. This will not only save you money but could be a great socializing experience for the kids. Best case scenario, they’ll make some new friends and you will never get a call asking you what time you are coming home again.

Wash your own car

Getting your car washed may only be $10 once every couple of weeks, but it adds up! When estimating a monthly car washing, $120 to $240 can be saved throughout the year by washing it by hand. Perhaps a job to give the kids for a little cash on the side instead.

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