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Foreclosure and Bankruptcy in Florida

You have OPTIONS If saving your home is a priority for you in these trying times.  You have several courses of action that are available to you and laws in place to protect your property and livelihood – and that includes your home.

Modify Your Loan: The Bankruptcy Court initiated a loan modification program after the mortgage crisis of 2008. Under this program, the debtor seeks a court order which will tell the lender that they must participate in the modification process in good faith. Documents are uploaded via a secure portal and an agreed upon mediator oversees the process and files a report to the court. Gone are the days when documents had to be resubmitted over and over. This program has streamlined the process and often, a decision is reached within 90 days.

Repayment Option

Sometimes a borrower does not fit into the loan modification system but they still have the option to save the home by paying the ongoing monthly payment and curing the arrearages under the provisions of the chapter 13 plan.

HOA and Tax Deed Sales

Sometimes a homeowner faces foreclosure due to unpaid property taxes or homeowner association fees and dues. A chapter 13 bankruptcy will not only stop the foreclosure process but it will create an opportunity to repay the amounts owed through the provisions of the chapter 13 reorganization plan.

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